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PAID FOR by The Committee to Elect Raymond Amico - Desert Water Agency 2020
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I am a concerned community member and resident of the Demuth Park neighborhood in Division 5.​ I genuinely care about our community and all the issues that affect it. More importantly, I care about our quality of life here in the Valley. I am particularly concerned about the water in our region and in our valley. The quality needs to be improved, and that is putting it mildly. I am grateful for this opportunity to be an active part of the solution for vital water issues that affect us all. I believe my experience fully qualifies me to bring about needed change in this regard.

I am a small business owner with more than 25 years of experience working internationally as a Concert Tour Producer, a Tour and Production Manager, Sound Engineer and Tour Accountant. My role has always been to handle large-scale work projects, labor, and multi-million dollar budgets. In addition to my work experience, I believe that my personal strengths are an asset well-suited to tackle our district and area’s needs. I possess a strong but compassionate character, a pragmatic understanding of the issues, and the willingness to listen to all sides as a truly independent thinker.

We live in an area where our water and other precious resources must be regarded and managed with respect for the environment, our individual and collective needs, and the agreed-upon rights. I bring a commitment to see that this balance is achieved through our decisions as we make our vision for the future reality. I want to bring all of these commitments with me to represent Division 5. Therefore I humbly ask for your trust and your vote.

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